My name is Dave Wakley...

I’m a psychological counselling therapist, and a registered member of the BACP. I’ve guided and helped many clients who came to me feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, suicidal, bereaved, abused, angry, and often overwhelmed by their experience.


I approach my work with clients not by asking ‘what’s wrong’ with you, but rather ‘what happened' to you?

Therapy Chagford counselling psychotherapist

We all make unconscious adaptions in order to survive our experiences of threat and challenge. When we can start to see what those adaptions are, we can ask ourselves whether they still serve us. If we decide that they don’t, then we can set about making the changes that will benefit us. I start from a very strongly held belief that as human mammals we are all capable of regulating ourselves and healing from pain, suffering and trauma - as long as we’re able to connect to another person. Very often the best person for the job is a therapist who will offer you safety, authenticity, compassion and non-judgement. These are amongst the things I provide as standard for all my clients.

Therapy is a process, and I aim during each session to meet you exactly where you are in your own process. I aim to help you live a more expansive and fulfilled life, moving towards growth, self-regulation and autonomy.

For many people the hardest first step of moving towards change is asking for help; it takes courage. If you’re reading this website, chances are you’re looking for help. Perhaps you can give yourself some kudos for getting this far - it’s not 'nothing', you have resources and you’ve already begun the process.


I work from a safe and comfortable office situated above the town square in Chagford, a charming little town nestled into the Dartmoor countryside. I work with my clients to decide the most appropriate course and method for delivering therapy, whether it’s face to face, online, by telephone, or walking.

I work with individuals over the age of fourteen.

I work with humans - people who struggle with what it means to be fully human, and the human condition

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